Configure Wireless Access Point

    I have an existing network using a Buffalo N300 wireless router configured as 192.168.11 and 255.255.255

    I have recently purchased a Sony Bravia TV with internet capability and would like to connect a second router – the Belkin F5D-8233 – as an access point for the TV. As I already have the router, it is cheaper than me purchasing the Sony wireless dongle.

    Essentially, the Buffalo is connected to my PC in one room and provides the internet access. The Belkin would be in another room, connected via Ethernet to the TV.

    I have set the Belkin up to use with the same SSID and security settings as the Buffalo. I have also set it up as an Access point.

    I have connected the Belkin and the Buffalo together via the Ethernet LAN ports to try and do an initial configuration but I cannot see the Belkin when I do this even though the LAN ports light up.

    Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to configure the Belkin so that it gets internet access wirelessly in the other room?

    I have been able to configure the TV so that it sees and connects to the Belkin but obviously this is of little use unless it can connect to the internet through that connection.

    Thanks, any help appreciated.

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    when i set mine up i followed this after i encouter problems. Got it all working in the end though.

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