Confirmation present for God Daughter... Ideas pretty please?

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Found 13th Apr 2011
My OH has his God Daughters Confirmation coming up and I've suggested getting her a present, but I really have no idea what to get, what's appropriate etc. I'm not in the slightest bit religious so don't even know where to start.... lol

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome

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Silver cross necklace to wear on the day.


a st christopher necklace....patron saint of travellers



Silver cross necklase is a great shout, that and a pretty pair of earrings if your close to the family

for example



A presentation bible / new testament is always a lovely confirmation present - I am assuming (rightly or wrongly lol !) that if she is being confirmed then she is either a Catholic or Protestant - we were given presentation bibles by our god-parents and still treasure them today - they have a part in the front to be completed with the date, place and god-parents names and it's a lovely thing to keep.

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Hi, thanks for the replies guys, sorry got called out for the day and only just remembered to check back here.

Will check out he suggestions :-)

Whats wrong with a few:
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