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Found 15th Jul
I was thinking of replacing my TalkTalk router with a different one to see if the speeds/reliability changes but I have no clue as to what difference certain routers would make.

Currently a speed test gives me around 52mbps (I am on the up to 76mbps talktalk fibre package) which is good but I do still get buffering issues when streaming and occasionally the wi fi drops off.

Looking at new routers I was considering these:…h=1
TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N VDSL/ADSL Modem Router

TP-Link AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit VDSL/ADSL Modem Router for Phone Line Connections (BT Infinity, TalkTalk, EE and PlusNet Fibre) 2 USB, 2.0 Ports, UK Plug (Archer VR200

The second one is twice the price, but what is the difference? Do speed differences matter when they are both capable of the maximum 76mbps speed?

Anyone know?

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You probably have a problem with your talktalk router, the old huawei HG633 which I had was plagued with issues, we had two replacements

I complained and they sent me out a new Dlink DSL-3782 which now works fine with no drop outs

So may be worth complaining to them?

The difference is the bottom one is 802.11ac standard which is capable of double the speed, uses multiple streams, and beam forwarding (magic technology that makes everything faster) the second router is much more capable than the first. Both should support your 76mbit line though... if you are getting drop outs then there is either too much distance/objects between your devices and your router or more likely too much congestion (try setting a different channel on the router, don't set it to auto) if you really want to know, download something like wifi analyser and it will show you which channels are most congested (channel congestion means other routers around you are using the same frequencies)

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Have you tried connecting your laptop to the router via ethernet cable to see if the WiFi is the actual issue?

Original Poster

I have the HG635 at the moment.

To be honest I think the WiFi issue is distance. I live in a 3 story house and it does work on the top floor but the wife keeps complaing it drops off or is too slow.
Downstairs I am getting speeds around 50mbps through WiFi.
The main pc is connected via ethernet as is the ps4 and Xbox 360 but I rarely use them online.

I have WiFi analyser on my phone with the following results:

I tried changing to a specific channel but the analyser seems to change so often I wonder if it matters?

Sadly none of my neighbours are on a fast fibre package so I have no idea if I should be getting better speeds or not.

Keep in mind that the speed your quoted is the max available at the cabinet that supplies your home... the further away you are the lower your speed will be no matter what router you have plugged into the line, I wouldn't pay for a router, I'm with talk talk and had the "super router" which was super s**t , I called them and requested a new router and they sent one, no issues since

Could you ask TalkTalk to supply a new router and then use the current one as an extender/bridge/access point for the top floor of your house?

I am with BT and have their Homehub5. I don't like it and use an Apple Extreme. As we live in a barn with 5ft thick walls, we use the Homehub5 as an access point at the other end of the house. We get wifi all over the house and in the garden.

The cheap model is a re-house version of TPLs very first hybrid ADSL/VDSL router - in which the VDSL didnt work properly, so was switched off by TPL in the firmware.
They later managed to fix the issue and reintroduced the model, but the original case then had over heating issues, so a new case design was made for the 3rd launch.
I had the first version, which other than no VDSL was very reliable, and is still being used as an ADSL router by my parents, umpteen years after I bought it.

The 2nd model is from their latest generation hybrid ADSL/VDSL range; it is VERY good; I have had one for about 2 years, and it has only needed restarting twice - both because of BT cock-ups. Although other routers have faster Wifi speeds advertised, this model is not only very consistent, but the Wifi doesnt introduce any extra lag - which can be noticeable when on-line gaming. My wired v wireless gaming pings are exactly the same.

The only real issues are that it looks big, due to its vertical positioning, and that the blue LEDs look VERY bright at night, so it is not ideal in the bedroom.

Ré VDSL performance, the 1st generation VDSL chips were not as good as BTs white box; later versions were much better, and gave better VDSL speeds than BTs white box, so the more expensive model is more likely to improve your VDSL speeds slightly, and give much better Wifi speeds and consistency.
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Original Poster

Thanks everyone. Some great advice.
I have had a price increase from TalkTalk so just been on online chat to talk retention, managed to knock my price down and they agreed to send me a new router so I will try that first then try using the old one as a wifi repeater as I have those things that plug in and use the mains as ethernet so can have another box upstairs.
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