Confused by mobile phone upgrades, help please

    Got a now expired but seeming rolling contact. Originally bought from affordable mobiles, on the orange network but now seems to be on EE.
    Obviously now the contract is over I wish to shop around some. On loads of sights I see an "upgrade" panel when it comes to more offers.
    Can I use a upgrade offer from another sight light carphone warehouse without any issues or do I need to cancel my original one and then buy a new one ?

    Just confused as I somehow got the impression that I could chose to carry on a contract but with a new company that would sort out the paper work in effect.


    I've just upgraded my contract with Carphone Warehouse even though it was originally with O2. I think they all have access to each mobile networks system so can offer the upgrade even if you didn't buy through them originally. The current contract will be cancelled as part of the upgrade (unless you take out a new contract rather than an upgrade).

    Unless you want a new phone I wouldn't bother. In fact, if you are happy work your current phone, you can save loads by switching to a sim only contract. Can get a very good deal for around £12 a month based on a 12 month contract or a little bit more of you want a 30 day contract.

    Shouldn't be an issue, just pop in and ask them but I'm fairly sure you're good.

    On a side note though, I'm not sure how carphone assess what you're upgrade is worth, but in the past; it tends to be that the more frequently you went over your monthly allowance, the more you were worth to them. This means if you're put into a 'high' band, you will be offered better phones, but if you aren't, you may be offered not so great phones and this would mean that you'd get a better deal by just letting your number go and signing up as a fresh customer. Carphone may have a flat rate depending what tariff you go onto now though.

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    Honestly not to bothered about what deal I get or existing number. Phone I have has issues so a new one is welcome and due to money issues I am considering one of these deals with a mid range phone and a big free gift. I see it as effect like a monthly payment for what I want like a catalogue.

    thanks for the info all, is reassuring to know I can effect skip the step I have to call and cancel. I hate and avoid any pressure situations of possible conflict.
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