Confused by Situation judgement Test

Found 16th Apr

Would like some advice on this please. I need to complete an online situation judgement test for a test. It gives a scenario, followed by 4 options. I need to rank each option as being least appropriate, not appropriate, appropriate, most appropriate. I’m a bit confused as to whether least appropriate or not appropriate is the lowest for ranking the options.

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If it goes in that order left to right, least appropriate would be the lowest ranking.
Hate to be the bearer of bad news - but by posting on here you have just failed your "situation judgement " test .
Least appropriate would be the lowest. So two answers in each case are appropriate and two aren't.
I see where the ops coming from as NOT>LEAST in my mind. Probably a flawed test imho.
Sounds like a Civil Service application - Good luck OP
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