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    My Vodafone contract's coming to an end. I want to renew and get a sim-only contract, and keep my phone. However, I don't think I'll get as good a deal through upgrades as compared to buying direct from Vodafone and getting £100+ cashback through Quidco. The best deals I've found for sim only contracts are with Vodafone+Quidco.....

    But I want to keep my number.... so would I have to ask for a PAC from Vodafone and then transfer my number to a different network and then get another PAC and transfer back to Vodafone on to the new contract?

    I think I did something like this years ago because Vodafone are funny with transferring numbers. Is there an easier way to go about this?


    Yes, you'll have to port out and back to get Quidco as a new customer - it shouldn't be a problem to port out though. The easier way to do it is to try and get a decent upgrade deal from Vodafone, I've been going through the same process but the best I've managed is only a £45 discount which is less than half of Quidco but I'm going with it for less hassle. Some people have managed to bag very good 12 month contracts with phone and sold the phone which has basically paid for the contract.


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    in all fairness I haven't rang them yet, just had a look at their upgrade offers online. but I'm after the £20 sim only contract, which with £100 Qudico will be less than £12 per month.... I'll ring them first and take it from there

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