CONFUSED!!! Which digi camera to get!!

Found 29th Oct 2008
Hi all, im soooo confused at which digital camera to get!! Have a budget of around £100 - £150. Have read a zillion reviews and just end up getting myself more and more confused....
Any help would me much appreciated especially from someone who has just recently brought one!!

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Best ask yourself what is it used for..
I got mine with 7x optical zoom.
My bro got the olympus throw it, dunk it, drop it, and it wouldnt break one (thats very cool :)).
My sis's v small and compact, keeps it in her handbag 24/7 ready for those 'moments'.

Edit: If you wanted one for better than ur camera phone, general purpose's then just keep to a big brand and test out which ones you like the functionality best. Some take pictures better in the dark than others (for when u take it to clubs or night time shooting).

I tend to stick to Casio because I've only had Casios, never broken on me (only stolen or lost!!). Mines the Casio Exlim V8, bought about 18months ago

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quite a general camera really.... fotos at home with family, fotos with mates when out partying and fotos when on holiday, so quite a gernal camera!

Good database to compare and see reviews of camera's. you cant go far wrong with that site

Go for a Fuji refurb if you use the] voucher I posted last week you should pick up a real bargain

Hope this helps.…ign with 10% off !

i say it every time - go for panasonic tz series - really long optical zoom, really good lenses - i love mine

i have 2 fujis real easy real good,gr8 photos
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