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Found 17th Nov 2006
Help, please! I created a different account with Tesco to get more points using same delivery address but different email. I did my first shop with them and it seemed I got 1000 points. What worries me is, since I didn't put a clubcard number, will I get the points?
Also, I am just wondering, when you create a new account, can you use the voucher to get £5 off and also one of the codes for extra points?
sorry if i am asking the obvious, I am new to all this points collection!
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if you didn't put a club card number in i doubt the points will be awarded

they dont normally let you use more than 1 code that starts with xx
Check the bottom of your receipt. It will either tell you your clubcard number and how many points have been added to your account, or it will say you could have earned clubcard points and there will be a barcode on the bottom of the receipt. If the latter is the case, take the receipt to Customer Service along with your clubcard and they will scan the receipt and the clubcard and give you a Points Adjustment receipt (if they don't - ask for it). The points will then be added to your account within a couple of days. If by any chance the points are not added within a couple of days, ring the freephone number on the back of the clubcard with the details from your Points Adjustment receipt and they will do it for you.
Yes you can claim your points, you have 2 weeks to walk into a store and collect the points you should have recieved, what the customer service desk does is phone up Tesco call centre if they want to prove it. If its over 2 weeks you can send a letter with your card details and they will put these points on your account (dundee address) think you have up to a month to claim the points by letter.

As for shooping on line which i think you did then yes you will still get the points as you will have what we call a ghost card, this will act on your behaf until a real one comes in the post for you, this should automatically happen but phone call centre and speak to tesco clubcard.
You can use as much vouchers as you want, the system tele shopper we use accepts all the codes even if you want to use them all at once.

I think chritmashopper clarified most of that but im justgetting my tuppence in lol
live and learn i never knew you could reclaim the points at a latter date
This is getting complicated!!! You guys are experts in collecting points! So if I have a ghost card and did not enter a club card number, they will automatically post a new plastic card?. Saxo appeal, you mention I should call them anyway, isn't it going to get complicated when they see two accounts under the same address? I used my husband's name, a different email address but same postal address and same credit card. Will I get two different lots of clubcard vouchers or will they somehow merge into one account? thanks
It's best if you keep 2 different lots of vouchers because with each mailing of vouchers you get some extra points tokens. So with 2 lots you will get 2 lots of extra points vouchers. You can opt to merge your two clubcards if you want to but there is no reason to do this.
1st question = yes,
You can have as many acounts as you want, it just means if you have loads you will start not knowing which points were going onto which account which inturn WILL become more confusing lol
They wont question this as a lot of people i dealt with at the time had like 4 accounts under the same address,
If this was the case on clubcard we asked the customer if they would like to merge all their cards together, just means all are on the one account and you would only recieve a statment with your total of points in the one envelope.
if you do what xmashopper says about more accounts then realy your only recieving the vouchers for that specific account, its really up to yourslf though it might work out better if you do loads of shopping.

Your other question about 2 diiferent accounts, if you dont merge them then yes you will get 2 lots of envelopes,

They use this system because really you could be a landlord and renting out 2 rooms in your house, this way you can get multiple names at one single address.

Any other questions dont hesitate to ask :thumbsup:
Thanks, you are all so helpful!
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