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Posted 3rd Aug 2020
My car insurance is due for renewal in a couple of weeks, so I was shopping around for deals.

I'm with Esure and they've already emailed me with the price for the next year, which I'll automatically get charged for if I don't do anything.

I went on to get quotes, and the cheapest one was with Esure, but £40 less than what they've quoted me directly.

And then I also noticed that I can get cashback on Quidco or TopCashback for car insurance, and I'd like to do that as well, but it says it's for a new policy so I'm not sure whether that would work if I'm renewing the insurance (is it technically a new one year policy? Or could I cancel the policy and then start a new one? Would I have to wait for the old one to expire to do that, potentially going a day without insurance?).

So can anyone advise what the best way of going about this is? If I call Esure will they at least match the quote? Or if I just bought through could I get the cheaper price and just have it add a year to my existing policy? And would Quidco work with that or would I have to cancel or go with a different provider?
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3 choices.
stop it and just take out new insurance with them.
Call them and ask to match.
Try Bymiles. Pay to park at home fully comp and them pay per mile you drive.
3000 miles for me with Bymiles in London is under £350 for the year.
Plus a referral gets you and referrer £50 of free miles.
£215.00 fully comp and legal protected bonus, then 4.5p a mile I drive.
Milage charged at the end of the month like a mobile contract
If you phone Esure they will match the quote. I’ve had a similar situation and tried for cash back and queried. They new I wasn’t a new customer so didn’t payout
I was with Zurich for 5 years.
Each year I got a new quote online and went through Quidco with no issues.
That was before auto renew.
You can take out a new policy, It wont impact your current policy, Just remember to cancel the renewal. I've done the same with my current insurance company. I just use a different email address each year to save any confusion.
Don’t overthink it. Stop the auto renewal and shop around for a new policy, with cashback. If it happens to be with the same company then so be it.

I do that and usually end up back with Direct Line, but a better rate, even before cashback.
As MSE quote: "Loyalty is expensive"

I was with Hastings direct last year, and come renewal time - they wanted to put my price up by £100.
Went on and got new insurance for a whopping £120 cheaper than my current policy through Esure.
(Came to £240 for the year) Rang hastings up on the phone, and the woman was desperate to see if she could reduce the renewal quote. I said "its too late for that, you should have thought about that before putting the renewal price up." - I wont renew with the same company out of principle, until they stop doing this ridiculous policy of increasing your renewal price every year.

When looking for insurance, always do it in the following order:
1. Go to Topcashback or Quidco (check the payouts for the comparison sites) - visit the comparison site using the visit site link..
2. Go to the comparison sites. The bonuses currently offered are as follows:
a) GoCompare=£250 excess cover via redemption
b) Comparethemarket= Meerkat movies & Meerkat Meals for a year
c) = £20 reward card to spend at Shell, Halfords, or Dominos - Just be careful with the Dominos voucher because im fairly sure you cannot use it in conjunction with their deals.
d) Moneysupermarket= NOTHING!

3. Click through the comparison site to your chosen insurance to record your puchase. You should get both the cashback and the reward (i did)

Therefore, to answer your question OP - just purchase your insurance via the cashback and comparison sites then you've at leat got a chance of getting the cashback, as its a "new" policy. Basically, you're taking advantage of the "left hand not talking to the right hand" within the insurance company, and thats their own fault. Just ring them up and cancel your old policy. You shouldnt even need to tell them about your new one.
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I'm with esure. Very easy to haggle with.

Should match the price comparison site without issue, if my experience is anything to go on.
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