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Found 25th Jun 2007
I have a Lite On DVD recorder, with 160gig hd, now its great and all, except a few features annoy me.

My old one which was a older model had a ntsc/pal output mode in setup, which new one doesnt.

This also means I cant record anything which has a NTSC signal, and as I record a lot of me playing import games, I can no longer do this, as the signal is compressed at bottom of screen and blurs.

Its not tv, its the recorder.

Any advice?


In the specifications for the device (possibly in the manual) it should detail what video standards the device supports - if it's PAL only then there's probably not much you can do. With PS2s, if you used a fully wired RGB lead it would give you colour on a TV without full NTSC support (which would normally be black and white) but I doubt that's any use to you.


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Well the TV is a HDTV so theres no problem, and AV and Scart cables can go direct into the tv with no problems with NTSC signals.

The DVD manual does say it supports NTSC, but I think its output only but not sure, but its strange.

To clarify I think its a part in the DVD player, as its expecting a PAL input when a NTSC one comes through 1/4 of the screen is cut off and blurred, rest is clear, and if I record it it records the blur but if cables go to tv the picture is as it should be and higher resolution.

Its strange.

Go to the lite on site check Q&A if no answer e-mail or call them.
Might be a fault and you could get a replacement.

I'm perhaps missing something but I don't see what is strange about this? The DVD player does not appear to support NTSC input which it's perhaps not handling properly (They usually put a warning up when you try) but it's not unusual for devices to be Pal input only.


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Well my older model Lite On did support it.

Try an NTSC - PAL convertor...
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