Confusion over Fake DSTT Cleared UP

I have recently bought a couple of DSTT carts from dealextreme, when they arrived found out according to DSTT web site that the ones sent to me are FAKE because of the gold dot on the bottom of the cart, i emailed dealextreme and have just received this interesting email back from them.

Apologize to bring you such confusion on DSTT cards.

We are just feed backed by the supplier that the DSTT Company has separated into two parts.

One of them still keep on producing DSTT, they make DSTT cards themselves and to distinguish from the original one, they mark all of them with a gold dot.

And another factory has already stopped production of DSTT, but they still own some stock of original cards. So as for them to sell out all of stock quickly, they therefore stated that the new DSTT cards with gold dot is a fake one..

As you might know, we sell DSTT cards not for a short time, and its impossible for us to take a risk to sell you the fake product to ruin our name. After testing you will find that the DSTT Cards with gold dot can also satisfy you on the quantity and function. They are also from the original factory and they can do what DSTT ever do.

Thanks for your understanding


wrong area mate

can you clear it up a bit more for me ??? where abouts is this gold dot supposed to be as i have got some of the new type packaged cards and the old type but they look the same. i have tested the new ones and they work fine.

Not a deal, moved to misc forum.

Forget the hysteria, they are fine.

Load it up with illegal nds roms and enjoy.

Seconded Saint, no probs with mine.:thumbsup:

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