Confussed over new VAT!!

Found 2nd Dec 2008
I have been to the supermarket both Tesco's and Asda and haven't noticed a single reduction either on the shelf or on my reciept. Im talking about things that are VAT'able. If for instance air freshener (obviously a luxury item) was £2.99 on Friday and is still £2.99 today then surley they have not altered VAT at all or am I being stupid???
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its probably been reduced but all it means is that companies are making more of a profit now, thats what i think
i went to bexlyheath today and hmv took the vat reduction off at the till (wall-e blu-ray £21.53 saved 47p whooppeee)

as did wilkinsons
yeah, asda are paying 15 % vat.......your paying 15% just added 2.5% onto their prices !
Morrisons have passed it on tho! Selection boxes were £2.49 now £2.44
Had some stuff in my basket on Sunday with Amazon. Refreshed on Monday The VAT had come down but the prices had gone up so still cost the same.
Was 17.5% now 15%
a saving of 2.13% apparentley whats confusing? :oops:
bigger businesses should show a drop but smaller ones probably wont....
Think the price came down before fri so vat already taken off:thinking:

a lot of the stores in Cardiff yesterday didnt pass on the reduction, i … a lot of the stores in Cardiff yesterday didnt pass on the reduction, i argued with the sales woman in Boots as the perfume i bought was full price £65.00 and no vat discount, she had the cheek to tell me it was excluded!

Should have asked for that in writing :evil:
On my Tesco recipt it came off at the end - like the 3 for 2 offers etc do.
anyone been to poundland yet? :giggle:
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