Found 6th Aug 2007$FILE/congratulations.jpg

Well done on getting 7000 posts Havent seen a board about it yet so thought I would make one

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Congrats Emu. :-D

Thanks Julia & Sy

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="7"][COLOR="Blue"]congratulations[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

WTG Chatterbox!...errr...I mean't Emasu! :thumbsup:



[SIZE="6"][FONT="Fixedsys"][COLOR="Purple"][CENTER]Well Done Emasu [/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

A singapore A380.... nice :-D

Well done emasu


Well done emasu

I'm slightly scared ive got a bigger average than you edi

Congrats Emu!

Thought You Said You Wouldnt Be On Here For 3 Weeks?

Thanks Btw


Thought You Said You Wouldnt Be On Here For 3 Weeks?Thanks Btw

Had a bit of spare time during my lunch and thought that I would see what everyone was up to!

Congrats Emu!

Well done emasu huni


Wow, have many of them were choppers?

Mucky kid....on a yellow card so better watch it....gets more daring by each 1k....congratulations and for Pete's sake make yer mind up about a lappy!!!! LOL

congrats :thumbsup:

and how many keyboards have you gone through to get to that number of posts? :roll:

well done, Jen will be proud!

Emu, Well Done - all I have done today is congratulate people for their milestones, it's like Bill Odie's Spring Watch where all the birds are fledging together :giggle:

Well Done Kid :thumbsup:

We'll have another thread for you, when you decide which lappy to go for :w00t:

Well done, every one a gem too.


Well done, every one a gem too.
Congratulations on all the

well done emasu

Well done

congrats emasu, nice one

Well Done and Congrats :-D

congratulations hun what do you want a pic of and I'll hunt it out for ya!

Congratulations and well done Emasu! :w00t: :-D :thumbsup:
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