Congrats Hotukdeals, The Hottest Site On The Net!!! Superb!!! Thankyou!!

Found 13th Dec 2006
on the tin!!

The amount of friends and family that are ADDICTED to our site since I linked them up is amazing..... in work NOONE works, everYones after the bargains!!!

MASSIVE THANKYOU'S to ALL the STAFF at Hot'UK'Deals for providing us so much fun and frollics thats LEGAL!! (and not in the Bedroom! lol)


Stew :santa: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the compliments Stew... indeed very kind of you. Its not just Admin & Mods but you guys & gals are the greatest assets of this site and make this a great place to hang around and save loads. :thumbsup:
I have to echo what stu has said. Ever since i discovered this gem of a website i have never looked back. Everyone in my wrk is addicted too and now my family always ask me to check for vouchers etc. before buying.

The word "Quidco" is now in the family dicitonary too!
Feels good to hear that kind of feedback guys! As edi said though it is down to the members as much as anything though. We put the structure in place, and the members fill it out with the help and advice. We'd never find all these deals without 20000 eyeballs looking for them
Lovely posts guys It really is the members though - have you noticed that since the forum has grown, it's the members like yourselves that are finding the amazing deals!!

It is soooo addictive. Every spare minute of mine is spent on here... And I'm getting the family into it, slowly but surely!
whys none of the members posting?? Ungratefull ho's!
They are all either deal hunting or spending money!
Sorry, only just noticed this thread.

Hear Hear! long live HUKD.
:giggle: Im sure ive posted a thank you somewhere when i first joined pretty much, my sons got loads of lovely xmas pressies, which have arrived or on there way curtosy of being posted on here.

Hopefully ive contributed when ive posted deals/vouchers, its always nice when somebody reports back saying theyve used my deals, or bought the said item as it makes me feel worthy to be a member and use the deals provided

Ive had loads of great freebies, or REALLY cheap stuff, like the ps2 game which just arrived for 99p delivered :shock:

But, one of the best bits about here is that ive found quidco, and in just 6 weeks my account is upto £92 :shock:
Great site, first place I look each day when I log on, thanks to everyone for all the great posts. Thanks to all the admin staff who look after the site! Happy Christmas to you all! :santa:
This site is better then ebay!
Superb site, thanks very much!
Great posts everyone, i agree with everything already said! The site is really expanding and thats down to admin members and mods finding fab deals and helping each other out ... this is a brilliant forum, very addictive as you all know.

Merry Christmas everybody! (i'm sure i'll say it 100 times before the big day) :giggle:
Id also like to give credit to the Mods, you guys are all so nice and kind.

Not like other forums where you have to pussyfoot with all your posts and get threatened to be banned or told off etc. The mods on other forums are nasty :evil::p
yes....gotta say its a great site.
the only problem is its addictive!! lol
heres to many more deals to come

The mods on other forums are nasty :evil::p

I've noticed a lot of that too.... you can't say anything at all that disagrees with a mods opinion or you will be banished forever to the internet hell. Here, we only disagree with rudeness and profanity :-D
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