Congrats to PCnutta

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Found 28th Sep 2007
for passing the 1000 post mark ;-)

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Well done Pcnutta!, each post a great one!

cheers for the laughs so far!

well done PCN - had any more luck at the quacks?

Roll on 1000 more nutty posts... Many people are allergic to nuts though - Be more careful in future!


Congrats on the 1k you nutta!! :w00t: :-D :thumbsup:


[COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="5"]Well done Nutta xxx[/SIZE][/COLOR]

75% flap posts:thumbsup:

[CENTER][SIZE="7"][FONT="Impact"]Happy 1,000 posts old Nutty[/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]

Congrats you Nutta!! :thumbsup:

[SIZE=2]Has she done a 1000 posts already? OMG it must be my age :w00t: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]That reminds me I have some repping to do :whistling: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Dimuncher is a terrible thing, makes you hungry all the time 'cos you never remember when you last eat :giggle: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Now what was I doing here? :thinking: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Oh yea, Well done badass lady on your good news, hope you and your new arrival have a happy life together :thumbsup: [/SIZE]

Well done nutta have a fab christmas :santa:

Awwww:oops: thanks all. ** Speech Speech**

Oh ok if i must....
Well i must say ive thoroughly enjoyed being part of this forum.Getting to know people and laughing with and at them.:giggle: Many a times ive popped on here in a :-( mood and someone has instantly made me laugh reading posts.
Weve shared the highs and lows ( im trying to do a halle berry here)
Stayed up all night awaiting what may be a bargain! Well i wouldnt have reached my 1k had it not been for ALL your amusing posts.Not forgetting helpfull advice regarding my fish and flaps. ( seperate postings may i add)
So thanks again all,
Scorpian- you sweety flux capacitor partner in crime.
Iom-Truly a gent and fab-a-rooney top geezer
Jayhab-Thanks hun, im sticking to my rubber quacks they talk more sense!
Beeching-Thanks i promise not to force feed anyone a snickers;-)
Danny- Thankyou, appreciates lovely.
ArsenalFan-Merci my fellow Gooner.... And they thought Arsenal wouldnt do well without Henry... were showing them hey!
Prissy- " snogs" you have me in stiches woman!! Naked Twister?
C32- Your one funny fella! Witty to the max! i love it!
Suze-Love your postings such a sweety
Crazy1- Thanks lol, Theres no cure for senile dementia mind! Pray its tiredness!
Jenny - LOL and they think im mad! LOL
Right my fingers are aching now, Hope my next 1k postings are as random and insane!

X x X x


Excellent speech and congrats to you hun.
Here's to many more

Thanks you fire lovely, xxx

Well done :-D

Pretty accurate summary of HUKD people!


Congratulations sweet sweet lady. :-D

Well done nutta.!!! Catch up with you soon.x

congrats & well done! :thumbsup:

who'd have thought you could make time for 1000 and hold down a job as penile corrector - so have these in honour of your celebration ...

:giggle: Thank you all............ off to correct a few *****'s now;-)

Well done!!!

Im slowly going through you all giving you rep, but im upto my max today! LOL
Thanks all xx

Congrats flaps x x x
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