Congratulations on 40,000 Posts rayman

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Get a life Rayman j/k



Well Done Ray!! You're a star!!![/CENTER]


blimey! well done

Congratulations Rayman (The Modfather)!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

If only he had a quid for every post ... !!

Well done our Ray

40000? Yikes, well done.

blimy!!! well done.

what would do without you!!

Well done Ray :santa:

Wow 40,000 posts, well done Rayman

just another 39,990 to go for me

WTG Rayman! :w00t:

Posts consist of the following...

50% FS/FT Disclaimer
49% Moved to misc forum posts
1% the good stuff!


Crikey Rayman - how do you get the time!!??:)

[SIZE="5"]CONGRATS ON THE 40K[/SIZE]!:thumbsup:


WTG Rayman! :w00t:Posts consist of the following...50% FS/FT … WTG Rayman! :w00t:Posts consist of the following...50% FS/FT Disclaimer49% Moved to misc forum posts1% the good stuff!Congrats!


Good work,Rayman:thumbsup:

Well done Ray Not a spam post in sight.

Well done Rayman..:p

Goshhhh, congrats! xx

Congrats on the 40k Rayman!!!!!!!!!:w00t: :-D :thumbsup:

congratulations Rayman

well done Mr. Modfather

and of course thank you!


congratulations and thankyou aswell xx xx

Congratulations and well done Rayman :thumbsup:

Been away for a few days and nearly missed this one.Well done Ray,one of our founding fathers.:thumbsup:

Wow! Thanks everyone and sorry I've only just found this thread :oops:

I really do appreciate your kind words and I am enjoying HotUKDeals as much today as I did when I first arrived here over three years ago ;-)

It's also great to see everyone else here, who no matter how hard they try or whether things go a bit crazy at times, just can't resist the 'HotUKDeals Needs You' feeling and keep coming back!

So thanks for all your posts too and I'm sure quite a few will be coasting past my 40,000+ at some point and I'll be pleased to see that as well

:friends: :w00t: :friends:
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