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Connect 9" Tablet Owners- Read this info! (or not, I don't mind)

Posted 7th Dec 2015
For those who visited Tesco on Black Friday this year, you may have picked up one of those Connect 9" Windows 10 tablets (Atom-based, 1GB, blah).

Now, you see that weird connector on the bottom? It's used for a keyboard dock. So I decided I wanted one. I went onto the Viglen website (who are the manufacturer of the Connect tablets) and found out that they NEVER sold a keyboard dock/case for the tablet outside of China! And they aren't available to buy online! I was amazed! But hey, for £49 I guess I can't complain too much.

So after much research, I found out that a LOT of Hong Kong and Chinese based companies (including Huawei, Swipe, Cube and PiPo) use this strange generic dock connector in their tablets, and from looking at pictures online, they look VERY similar to the one found on this Connect tablet by Viglen.

Here are some photos of other tablets with the same connector:
tudovemdachina.com/wp-…jpg - PiPo W3F Tablet
maketecheasier.com/ass…jpg - Cube iWork 10

Now, I managed to trace some of these tablets, their models and where to buy accessories from. The BEST website for this is either eBay (out of stock currently) or AliExpress, according to my research. I have found a vast number of links which I shall update regularly, that seem to have the correct docking connector for the Connect tablet. As a student, I've had no time or money to pick one of these up to try, so I will say I am not responsible if it doesn't work, so if someone picks one up, do be sure to comment on it's quality and whether it works or not.

Here are the links to the "assumed-compatible" keyboard docks:
Link1: aliexpress.com/ite…tml

Link2: aliexpress.com/ite…tml

Link3: aliexpress.com/ite…tml

If I've posted this in the wrong place, please tell me. (I don't post here too often) :P
Hope I've helped some of you!
I will be adding more links to this from other, safer UK based sites like eBay in the next hour or so, if I find any.

- OnKz
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