Connect a Wii to a PC monitor?

    Hi there,
    I'm considering getting a Wii and connecting it to my PC monitor.
    Does anyone know if this is possible, and the cheapest place to get the hardware required to do it?

    From what I understand, I need an adapter to convert the component video into VGA or DVI. My monitor supports DVI and VGA, but if I go for VGA how good is the picture quality?

    Finally, what would happen to the sound? I currently have 5.1 speakers connected to my PC, but I can't see any easy way of connecting those to a Wii. If I use the line-in to the PC, the stereo sound coming from the Wii would be converted to mono right?

    All help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. There are a few devices which will convert component to VGA. One such product is the X2VGA ([url][/url]). You won't really want to convert to DVI as it'll make the device more expensive (Analogue to Digital as opposed to keeping it all Analogue). You still need a Wii Component cable in order to use this - I would advise buying the official one to maintain highest possible quality during the conversion.

    2. The audio will just be L/R phono, so all you need is either L/R phono in on your speaker system, or a L/R Phono to 3.5mm stereo jack adaptor which you can feed into your PC's line in. The sound will still be Stereo

    A component or even composite to VGA (or DVI) adapter is expensive. A cheaper solution would be some sort of video-input card on the computer and use the Wii through that. It won't make much difference VGA or DVI, Wii is a long way from HD! You can get stereo sound no problem - you just need a 2xphono to stereo 3.5mm adapter and feed into the line-in.

    I have a VGA cable that can be used for the PS3 and the Wii.

    Its never been used, I paid £23 delivered for it.

    Its yours for £19 delivered.…bl/

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the help so far everyonet.

    I found some articles on the web, and they said that you get scanlines across the screen if you connect a Wii up to a monitor. Is there any way to do it without them?

    If it's not going to work that well then I guess I'm better off buying a cheap TV

    @Meadsy - when I get my answers I'll let you know if I want it. Do you get scanlines with that cable?
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