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    Hi unsure if anyone could help but I'd like to use my Tv as a monitor for my laptop. If any one can help I have a HP 6735s and a 42" panasonic Plasma. I have vga port on my laptop and RGB on my TV. I have a VGA to RGB lead but I can't figure out how to use TV as external monitor. I can only see option to extend viewing onto both laptop and TV. And in this case the quality is pants.
    Any help welcomed and appreciated.


    Not sure how old the laptop is but most laptops and tv's have an S-Video connection. Would need an S-Video cable. I use this for my dell to the tv (and hometheatre). The quality is not as good as the PC but have watched many a BBCiplayer programme using this method.

    No vga connection on the panny?

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    no. laptop only has vga and tv does have SV. and RGB. would i need a VGA to SVideo if these are avilable ? I was told before the VGA to RGB cable would work

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    oh. well the one end of the cable is like the sort of rectangular shape with the pins and the other end has three leads red green and blue ....

    and not sure, i will check in a min

    To convert VGA to RGB SCART or SVideo requires conversion of horizontal and vertical signals from the VGA output into a composite sync signal. This requires some knowledge of electronics in order to adapt a VGA cable to work with an RGB input. Diagrams of how to make such a cable are available here (…tml).
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