Connect Mac Mini to Internet?

    My Mac MIni has got wireless built in, yet it wont let me connect to my home network - do I need a specific router?


    Dumb question: Is the wireless turned on, on the mac?

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    Dumb question: Is the wireless turned on, on the mac?

    No a mac noob, easy way to check?

    Applications > System Preferences > Network > Turn Airport On.

    Do you get an error message of any sort? Can you see the network but not connect to it?

    The wireless icon looks like this:

    If the 'waves' are visible, but greyed out, then it's switched on but not connected. If they're black, then you're connected. If it just looks like an empty quarter circle then it's switched off altogether.

    Also, I think it's possible to switch the icon off. If it's not present, then have a look in system prefs to switch it on.

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    Eventually got there, wouldnt connect like a normal windows PC kept getting errors but I messed around with the settings etc and it worked.

    I like Mac...I am running OS X the only thing bugging me is I cant get it to maximise windows!

    Download Glims if you use Safari. It gives you more settings, such as maximise browser windows.
    It's freeware.
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