Connect PC to TV - Compact (PC) to JVC (TV) - What Wires Are Required?

    I have connected an old PC with windows ME to my JVC AV28T25EKS and everything worked properly, picture looked same on both screens.

    Now I've got a new PC, the towers model number is SR2129UK, I've tried connecting it to the TV like I did before the colour looks messed up on the TV.

    I'm sure other wires are required but don't know what to purchase and where from.

    Here are links to show what TV and PC I have:…asp…875


    I don't think you can do it and get good quality output, unless your TV has dvi or hdmi or something...I may be wrong though..

    Have you tried changing the display settings in windows?

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    Have you tried changing the display settings in windows?

    I've tried all settings in windows, doesn't make a difference.

    Someone did say I may need a VGA/S-Video wire?
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