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Connect sky dish direct to tv for freeview?

Posted 3rd May 2014
I got sky recently and asked about connecting one of the spare connections on dish to tv upstairs. currently have an aerial in the loft which doesn't pick up a signal. Engineer said can be done and would get free channels. not same as freeview and not same as freesat but something in between.
looking at other forums seems this can't be done though and would need a box or something to plug the coax into. my tv has freeview tuner built in so was hoping could just plug it direct in and watch through freeview tuber or just as standard tv aerial option on the tv.. is this doable or impossible?
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Unless you have Freesat built in to your TV (which isn't that common) then you will need a freesat box to decode the signals the dish is recieving.
You do need a box but you can use any old Sky box which you can pick up for next to nothing and get something like 120-150 channels. You may need a special Sky card to get most of the Freesat channels. This used to be a £25 one-off payment. I recently tried an old box and got lots of channels without a card including the 5 main channels.
ok. Thanks. so I do need a box, ill look for a old one. cheers peeps.
Don't forget: Freeview & Freesat (and Freesat from Sky) are different things. Yes, they are all a 'digital' platform but provide different services. Freeview is digital "terrestrial" and Freesat is digital satellite. As already mentioned, you would need some sort of satellite tuner to plug the feed from the dish into - before supplying the signal to the TV. Check out something like Freecycle as people are always getting rid of boxes. Apart from that, Ebay is your friend.

Best regards, Phsy.
If you are paying £25 for Sky's "Freesat" card and also buying an old sky box then you would be better off buying a Freesat box (around £30 for a cheap one) you will get more channels.
no you can get a freesat box no need to fiddle witth the dish connect it up and if go it will auto tune aswell if have both sky and freesat running of the same dish i have lnb with 4 connections with no problems dont pay for freesat card

if you have spare a wire get a hdtv in the same rooom look for freesat HD if you have to wires spare already connected get a freesat hd pvr to check if you get a signal on spare output move you sky box to wher the spare wires are setup check if you get a picture
first put the box back where it was and buy either one of the above depending on your setup
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