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Any audio experts here who can help. We have a new TV with no Audio out and want to connect to our surround. The xbox is connected via the vga port on the tv and that works perfectly through the surround. The only other connection is the Tivo box which is through HDMI into the tv.

Surround is an old bose system and has rca sockets.

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U need an optical cable or a toss link connector off eBay around £4

I had the same issue with my Samsung

Use whatever audio out the TiVo box has

Get new tv.

Just buy a 3.5mm jack to two rca phono (red and white) cable. Then use the headphone socket on the tv. Not ideal but may be your only option.

Xbox Classic using VGA or Xbox 360 ? If it's a 360 then you should really be using HDMI if it supports it. Your TV should support 3 types of audio out. Headphones, Optical and HDMI ARC ( Audio Return ). Giving the TV model and the Bose Model will make it a lot easier to mate the two together.

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Sorry, should have mentioned its a 360. Its connected via Vga as split into the surround.

Tv has no optical out but does has spdif and headphone output so might be worth looking into that.

With a tivo box or other system like a playstation you need to use hdmi socket 2 to carry sound out. Hdmi will be marked It will be marked... Arc. Audio return Chanel. It will alow sound both ways. Our set up is for tivo to hdmi 1. Playstation hdmi 3.Surround to hdmi 2 (arc) that will allow the sound from tivo or whatever is in the hdmi inputs to come out from hdmi 2 to your surround sound. You may have to look at settings to enable input out puts to hdmi. The salesmen sold us a optical cable as he said we would need one but after days of research and fiddling with settings I found we never needed. Get it wrong and you will have picture but no sound. Just for interest. Don't know if sound bar for those who have one is connected with optical cable or hdmi .

Oh. Out Nintendo wii is connected to phono sockets and the sound cones out of hdmi 2 to surround sound. Works fine

I also forgot to say you can buy a hdmi to rca lead for around £4. Just run that from tv hdmi 2 and plug into surround sound phono sockets. That should work fine. Any sound that's piped to TV should be sent to your bose
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