"Connected with limited access" on WEP

Found 16th Aug 2008
Hi all,

I currently use WPA-SPK which works fine for the internet but recently my partner has wanted to play her DS online. I change the routers security to WEP and it works fine on her DS but then I can no longer connect to the internet.

Any ideas what it may be and has anyone else had a similar problem?

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you have set your wifi adapter on your pc to now use wep?, also double check the passkey, not much else to suspect at this stage
Yeah updated it to use:

No authenticatiion (open)
Copy and pasted key.
check that you have not included a space at the end when you copied the key - these problems are usually key related as with limited access you have linked in to the router but it hasn't authorised you.

I'll give that a try later, doing my head in configuring it all over and over lol

Will let you know how I get on!
That message means that you entered the pass key incorrectly. If you are sure the characters are correct, ensure you select the correct encryption options on your laptop i.e. WPA
I did not understand how WEP worked correctly - I thought that each individual device needed it's own WEP key. After trying the same WEP key that the DS used, it allowed me to successfully connect to the internet.

Thanks for the help!
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