connectig sky box to new tv???

    Can anyone help? Have just purchased a brand new full HD, led T.V. from currys. I am trying t connect it,via a scart lead bu the scart connection on the T.V. is totally different to a regular scart! can anyone help?


    wrong section, should be in misc

    Cant you conect it via the HD sockets?

    there may be an adaptor in the bag of accessories that come with the tv

    Sounds like you need a HDMI lead

    Did you check that the tv had a scart socket before you bought it?

    What tv?
    Is it sky + and not sky hd
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    Its a sandstrom SANDSTROM S40LDIB10 40" Full HD LED backlit TV
    My sky box is sky plus but not H.D. .

    The problem we have is the scart socket in the back of the TV is very small while the scart socket in the SKY box is standard size. I have a HDMI cable which fits the TV but there is no HDMI socket on the sky BOX?????///

    Upgrade to Sky HD should solve that

    Are you sure its a TV and not a Microwave?

    Have you looked down the side of the tv incase the scart is there?

    According to the description it has 1 scart so surely it should be normal sized.

    I agree the write up says 1x scart and a scart is a scart is a scart :-)


    I agree the write up says 1x scart and a scart is a scart is a scart :-)

    true but it may use an adapter like my Samsung does in which case the set itself has no big scart socket just a small single socket.
    cant you check in the instructions? if the socket on your tv is small it sounds like you need an adapter which should have been included.

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    Thanks everyone..This tv was purchased from the sales floor,as it was the last one. It arrived with no instructions!!! The scart socket (which is labelled) is a small one,as previously mentioned. We have decided to upgrade to sky hd so im hoping the problem will be sorted. In the meantime,will nip into currys tomoz to ask for an adapter so we can view through our original box. Thanks for all your help


    They are custom adaptors, won't find one in currys.

    and if they can "order you one in" the price will be astronomical..have a look on ebay, you could have one within a couple of days, will keep you going with your sky until they sort you a HD box, and still handy in case you want to hook up an old VCR at a later date.
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