Connecting a blu-ray player to the internet

    I have a sony blu-ray player connected to a full HD Samsung TV. I also have a wireless broadband connection. Would anyone be able to advise what else I would require to get this connected to the internet wirelessly? Thanks


    You need a wireless bridge

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    Could you explain what a wireless bridge is and would you be able to identify what I would need to buy?

    Couldn't you use a wireless adapter? not sure if it works though

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    I have a wireless adapter that I used to connect to a laptop through a USB connection. Tried this and nothing happened.

    what exactly are you trying to do?, if its stream tv on the internet for use remotely there are only two ways currently.
    1build an htpc with something like media portal
    2 use a dedicated device like a slingbox blueray quality it will not be though

    As always, google is your friend. A wireless bridge is essentially a device with a ethernet port that converts a wired network into a wireless link. You setup the bridge to associate with your normal WIfi router, then plug it into your wired ethernet device (in this case bluray player). This is the same method many use for xbox360, as the official wireless adaptor is too expensive

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    Thanks for your advice everyone. To be honest I only want it for firmware updates so its probably just as easy to take it upstairs and plug it into the ethernet connection through my router every few months.
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