Connecting a computer and xbox360 with a router

    Can anyone tell me if this router will do the job please.
    I'm on virgin media, have to disconnect one use the Internet.
    Would like both on a the same time, via separate displays..



    Certain website **ay item No. 110224325139


    It might do, ask the seller if there is a model number or sone form of id then we can look it up and confirm. I am with Virgin and use a simple DLINK router which connects to the Virgin modem. I then plug the XBOX 360 and PC into this. IF you get a wireless, you can also use laptops or XBOX 360 in other rooms (which is what I do). These routers are relatively cheap.

    Since you are basically looking to setup a home network, Virgin do some good articles at…ng/. Good luck! :-)

    I've got a Belkin Wireless G Router, which plugs into my Motorola Surfboard SB5100 which provides for my pc, Wii and DSs. Belkin have a brilliant helpline (bit costly though). I couldn't get my Wii to connect but all I had to do was change the band number (Virgin work on bands 1 and 11). Probably not much help to you but thought I'd tell you anyway.

    Use a wireless router, much more easier to sort out & add components on in the future

    You could also play films on your PC then & watch them on your tele in another room via the Xbox
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