Connecting a Dell S2409W to a PS3 using HDMI

    Can you help, I've been using a PS3 on a "regular" CRT TV for a day now without any problems.Although the TV is not doing the PS3 any justice it all works.

    I've just bought an HDMI cable and then connected it to the PS3 and my Dell monitor (what a cracking Hotukdeal that was!).

    I turned on the PS3, it recognised I was connected via HDMI, I selected the relevant settings (audio via HDMI, then auto for the audio output [looks like regular 2.1 is selected, which sounds right]).

    I can see the PS3 but there's no sound. I've tried a game - no sound, the same for a DVD movie.

    What am I doing wrong? Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.


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    ...or am I missing something very basic here? I'm assuming there's speaker in the PS3. I'm ceetain the Dell does not have speakers, as I didn't buy the sound-bar.

    Or does the set-up have to be something like this? i.e. connect in some speaker system?


    I think your problem is related to the monitor requiring an audio-out device (the monitor has no speakers built-in? So I guess it requires some plugging into the audio-out jack).

    Although when using an amp you may get the issue mentioned below.…tml

    All models have a hardware flaw with hdmi sound. When outputting to an … All models have a hardware flaw with hdmi sound. When outputting to an amp via the audio out socket on the monitor the sound will disappear whenever there is a quiet period of around 5 seconds or more. The sound will come back again, but it will take around 15 - 20 seconds. This is annoying and cannot be patched (according to dell) due to it being a hardware problem.

    No audio because no speaker.
    The PS3 has no speaker built in!
    You need to get audio from the HDMI or the Digital Audio out on the PS3 or from the audio out on the dell Monitor.
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