Connecting Computer up to TV

    Hi there. Right a follow on from something I posted a few days ago.
    Right I have a VGA cable now and a 3.5mm audio cable to plug both in.

    The problem i have now is a buzzing/humming sound coming from the TV.

    The sound isnt very loud at all. Both computer volumes are at full.
    TV is on very high aswell.

    any ideas to stop the buzzing?


    Just a guess but try the audio output settings on your PC and see if everything is correct there.

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    Ive tried the mixer settings. All on full and the media player on full. still buzzing.

    Have you got another source to plug the audio cable in i.e. home cinema, stereo or portable speakers?

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    I do have a stereo but i think its full with everything else. and a pain to get at.

    Just thinking that if you can try something else to connect it to to see if it's the cable or TV.

    I haven't seen any TV's that have a 3.5mm audio input . The output from the sound card whether it be a PC or laptop will be a 3.5mm plug but normally TV's etc have Phono [RCA] inputs as well as Phono outputs .I know my Panny Plasma has no 3.5mm input nor output , so this must be a newer concept , me thinks.
    What make and model is your TV ?? and I'll check for you.

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    Hi there.. thanks for your advice.
    its a samsung 40" model number - LE40R87BD
    I have had another look on the back.
    Next to the pc vga cable there is an audio hole.

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    thats ok then . the audio hole is right next to the pc VGA.. so thats where i am sticking it.. oh er..
    but still get the buzzing. any ideas on that one?

    Not seen many TVs then, EVERY TV I have seen with a PC input (VGA/DVI/HDMI, has had a 3.5mm audio in for PC Audio.[/quote]

    Had to buy a newer model TV after the valve blew on the TV I had [pictured] . It had good picture but sadly no PC input or HDMI socket .

    you have got it plugged into the headphone or speaker socket on the pc and that is set to stereo?
    if you have it in the mic (pink socket( or have it on a surround sound output that may give this effect
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