Connecting dishwasher to existing plumbing

Found 3rd Jun
Hi All,

I have purchased a dish washer and it is going next to the washing machine. The existing connections look like this:


As you can see there is a single waste pipe.
And the cold in-take is connected to the copper pipe with a on-off valve.

The dish-washer connector (1 inch diamater) looks like this:


  • What would I need to mod with the waste pipe in order to get 2 waste pipes added?
  • Also what valve would I need for an additional cold feed? Bear in mind it needs to connect to the above image.

Any help guidance, links to products would be greatly appreciated.

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zzzz3rd Jun

Not 100% but try the dishwasher connection on where the washer is now. If …Not 100% but try the dishwasher connection on where the washer is now. If it fits put one of these where the white plastic stop is something like this or this

Agree with zzzz for the supply tap - and where to fit it.

For the waste drain I would twin the existing one - install a T-piece near to the bottom of the existing pipe, then an elbow followed by another length of pipe facing upwards - so you will have two open ended pipes sticking up - one for each hose. I don't like the types of fitting which the hoses have to be clamped to as one day as these fittings are under pressure when discharging these could come off and you're left with a mess - gravity is simpler and a lot more reliable.
Van is right about the wastes - I just looked for easy, quick fix.
I have not used the clamp types myself. I can well imagine something slipping off at some time!
One of These and These
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Merely my thoughts, but, does dishwasher get connected into sink waste pipe?
..isn't dishwasher waste more food related, and under pressure, so IF there was an issue would "just"!! back fill into sink...
This was how mine was plumbed(don't have dishwasher now)
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