connecting dvd recorder to telly?!?

Found 4th Jun 2008

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I've connected it via HDMI and can get it to play DVD's through the telly but how do I get it to record onto the HDD from the built in freeview on the telly? Does HDMI only do playback and not record so do I need to use a scart cable too?

I'm starting to worry that I'll need to leave the telly on all the time for it to record! Which is useless really so I might sell it - I only paid £60 for it brand new yesterday so if need be I should be able to sell it for a small profit & buy something else!

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You cant record from the TV to the HDD box.

You can only record what analog TV channels the HDD box you can find.

You'll need a seperate freeview box to plug into the scart socket of the hdd recorder. Or better still, buy a DVD or HDD recorder that had a freeview tuner.
hummmm thats the conclusion I was starting to come to. I think I'll sell it.

connect a Cheap free view box to the HDD. I connected my cable box through the HDD and record all the time
could do but that means buying another box to go with this box which I only brought cuz it was cheap in the first place & the freeview built into the telly comes with an episode gudie and all that stuff. I'd then have to either use the telly to watch freeview unless I want to record then make sure the other freeview box is on the right chanel or spend enough to make sure it's better than the freeview built into the telly.

I may as well sell it & use the money towards something that will do it all in one box. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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