Connecting Ipod to car stereo


    I am looking to connect my Ipod to my in car stereo. However I cannot connect it using a jack. I have seen something to do with radio waves and tuning it into a station on the stereo?

    Anyone got/used one of these?

    Any ideas/link/prices would be great thanks!


    What you are lookin for is an RF Modulator - have a look on ebay and you'l find loads.

    They are a good way of getting an Ipos etc. in your car (or house) when there is no other connection possible - the sound quality isn't great but its ok.

    Hope this helps

    If you do a ebay search for "fm radio transmitter" you will find these.

    I tried one once a long time ago. They may have improved since then, but I was not impressed. I had problems with quality and clashing radio ststions when I drove into areas which had a station near the frequency I had the radio transmitter set to. It was also difficult to change tracks.

    I now have a car stereo which has full IPod integration - much safer, easier and better quality. They are getting cheaper and I think it is a better solution.

    I have one. They are pretty good, but in some areas they are a bit crackly. You just have to make sure you tune it to a station where there is nothing on.

    Mine is a Griffin iTrip. I think they are pretty cheap. I got mine for 12 quid ages ago but im sure there are deals on here for about 6 quid recently.

    Griffin iTrip copy here. Gets good reviews and not bad for $10.56 delivered (about £6.30).…929

    If you get one check out the bandwiths you can set the transmitter to. Some are limited, some are any FM frequency.

    The first one I had one of the frequencies was 88FM fat lot of use that was I'd get half the record and half Terry Wogan. It also used to pick up a pirate radio station when I drove past a certain block of flats.

    As others said they are not perfect but serve a purpose.

    I got a Belkin one from last week after it being posted on here.
    Only cost about a tenner.
    Sound quality is really good compared to my last one.
    The bandwith does only start at 88.0fm so there are not many radio frequencies to work with.

    I have one of these and it works fine for me:



    I have one of these and it works fine for … I have one of these and it works fine for me:]

    cheers mate iv been after one of these for ages, absolute bargain, rep for you:thumbsup:
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