Connecting Laptop to TV

    Hi guys
    Am a bit computer dim - Is there a straight-forward way for me to do this?

    I have loads of films - tv shows etc on my lappy and would prefer to watch them on my tv.
    Its a fairly new dell. My tv is new also a samsung.

    Thanks guys


    Do you know what connections you have on your laptop? HDMI? VGA?
    pic is of a VGA connection.


    Post the model number of the laptop if you are not familiar with the names of the connector types.

    take a normal cable with the blue connectors usually connected to your monitor and use that wherever it fits between the two. Then the resolution for your tv will probably best fit at 1024 x 768!

    Need the telly model as well
    ie LE32S86BDX

    (Or do most sammys have VGA in?)

    Original Poster

    Hi guys

    Dell inspiron 1525 & Samsung LE26R87BDR

    Thanks guys

    Assuming it's the 1525 with a HDMI port, a HDMI cable should do the job! Just double check to make sure you have a HDMI port on your lappy first, it should be inscribed above the connection port on the side of your laptop.

    I'll also assume that your telly is some European variant of the LE26R87BDX…508 £2.99 HDMI cable.

    Just plug in and your laptop should automatically detect your telly.

    Original Poster

    thanks fellas:thumbsup:
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