COnnecting LCD TV to HI-FI speakers

    Im assuming this is possible?

    Anybody know how to go about this? Im guessing a wire between the TV and HiFi system? What wire?

    Thanks IA


    Hi deal4me,

    There are three possible for you to connect your tv to your hifi.

    1) connect via an optical cable such as…tml

    2) connect via a 3.5mm-phono (using headphone socket) such as…tml

    3) connect via a phono-phono such as…tml

    You ought to be able to connect your tv with one of these options. I connect using an optical out - although my tv is very new, so this option depends on how new your tv is.

    I'm not recommending the above cables or this retailer above others - I'm simply suggesting the type of connectors you will need. As with any tv/ audio product, some say you should spend lots - while others say it's all hype. The yours!


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    Thanks for that, I had an idea about option 2, but strangely, my LCD doesn't have a headphone socket unless im missing it?! Its quite a new Samsung LCD aswell. Theres one jack which seems to fit, but the TV audio does not come out on the speakers, however other external devices such as MP3 player and laptop does work.


    Have repped you TY

    have you checked out the specifications of your tv on the samsung webpage - it ought to clarify what options you have?

    worth a go i'm sure...

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    Can confirm, there is a headphone socket. When connected to the hifi, the TV sound does not come out the speakers!

    But I have now used this cable to connect to the lappy
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