Connecting motherboard and Case HELP????

    hey, im finally sorting my pc out and switching cases, but im baffled as to where all the case connectors go on the motherboard. i know it does have some of them written on it. but its way to confusing. i havent got my manual anymore and not even sure what motherboard ive got....anyone have any advice or anything? lol

    just case im not making any sense....ive fit my motherboard into the case and trying to connect the case bits, usb, power, LED's etc to the motherboard...


    Is it a new case/motherboard?

    I had to cut all mine and do them myself because i was sticking a new mobo in a new case!

    Its normally in the mobo manual.

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    its an old mobo in a new case...

    cant find my mobo manual...

    Whats the Make/model of the mobo?

    Should be online somewhere!

    Have a closer look at the board and see if you can spot a model number.

    failing that if you look on the board it should say what pins are for what.

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    gonna have a look for the model number..

    ont he mobo the pins do say 'sortof' but not enough for me to know hah

    My mobo (MSI) was colours with + and - signs.

    what model. tell us what the pins say...sort of

    Usually, most motherboards are laid out like this....

    LED + / LED - / Power + / Power - / Not Connected

    HDD + / HDD - / Reset + / Reset - / Not Connected

    All in this kind of fashion...

    o o o o o
    o o o o o

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    its a sticker on the mobo..

    whats the model number usually on? cos theres loadsa numbers etc lol...

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    lol browni that looks easy....

    mines got loadsa diff pin sets and has like power etc but not clear which pins etc...

    if someone wants me to ring them..if they can help i can do that? i can read everythin out?

    it will be on the board. Sometimes they are hard to find. keep trying or give us few numbers that you can see.


    v400dbl???its a sticker on the mobo..whats the model number usually on? … v400dbl???its a sticker on the mobo..whats the model number usually on? cos theres loadsa numbers etc lol...

    This is the link for the V400dbl user manual (you'll need Adobe reader)…pdf

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    thanks guys

    ill take a pic but havent even got my camera set up on my laptop etc so will take a while...

    ill take a look at that manual....

    gotta go get a rent book from staples lol ill be back in an hour and let u guys know if ive cracked it lol

    cheers...gonna rep you all when i get back...

    This is the hopefully the bit you need:

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    yay thats my mobo lol

    the usb ones are sooo confusing aswell it asks if my board is 4 or 5 pin? its got 5 sets but the last one theres only 1 pin...

    noone in carlisle? can do it for me? lmao

    thanks everyone...gonna see if it makes anymore sense to me...

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    ahhh still baffled


    power led -l in
    power led +
    mic in
    mic bias
    hdd led
    reset sw
    power sw

    4 usb 1
    4 usb 2

    2 from m processor fan

    *cry* shud never have demolished my pc

    If that's your mobo, then there is no need for you to take pictures.
    As to USB, just use first 4 pins on each side of connector. There are 2 USB ports per connector, each side representing one of them.

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    yeah thats the one...

    ok so first 4 on each...thanks..

    now the rest lol


    ahhh still baffledgotpower led -l inpower led +rinmic inr-outl-outmic … ahhh still baffledgotpower led -l inpower led +rinmic inr-outl-outmic biasgndgndhdd ledreset swpower sw4 usb 14 usb 22 from m processor fan*cry* shud never have demolished my pc

    power led -l in -> POWER LED GND
    power led + -> POWER LED VCC
    rin -> L-IN-R on audio header
    mic in -> MIC on audio header
    r-out -> L-OUT-R on audio header
    l-out -> L-OUT-L on audio header
    mic bias -> MICP on audio header? Not sure about this one
    gnd -> Are these on their own? It might be ground for speaker or something.
    hdd led -> IDELED
    Reset sw -> RESET SW
    Power sw -> PW BN
    2 from m processor fan -> CPUFAN

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    put them all in god knows if there in the right places tho ill find out when i try to turn it on i spose lol

    also if i have 3 shud the jumpers go in them?

    secondary slave??

    or no?

    I take it you have 3 IDE HDDs, right?
    In this case:
    HDD1 ->Primary Master
    HDD2 -> Primary Slave
    Optical drive -> Secondary->Master (not all optical drives want to be slaves)
    HDD3 -> Secondary ->Slave

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    does it matter which way the cables go?

    Not sure I understood the question...

    You should align IDE cable so that pin 1 (black one) will go to pin 1 on motherboard connector. If you do this, then when you connect it to HDD, the black stripe should be next to power cable.

    Or red stripe if your using the flat ribbon type. They should be 'keyed' so you can't put them in the wrong way around.
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