Connecting my Sony Vaio FZ Laptop to my Samsung TV...Please help???

Found 30th Jan 2008
I recently bought a Sony Vaio FZ Series laptop which has HDMI output. I also have a 26" Samsung LCD TV, which I understand has a connection to allow the laptop and tv to be connected (therefore using the TV as a screen).

Could someone please explain the cable I need to do this with, does it have to be an HD cable, for the reason the laptop has an HDMI output. Could anyone recommend any HDMI cables, normal cables etc that would do this, or any other information that may be relevant? Thanks.
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I also had same problem. Yous should be able to connect it using a HDMI cable if the laptop has a connection. I connected using the VGA monitor to monitor cable similar to this one on PC World…258

However you can get it much cheaper elsewhere. I only paid a fiver for mine. However, this does not give you sound thorugh your TV for anything you play on your laptop. I then had to buy a seperate cable which plugs into the headphone thingg in your laptop and plug into the yellow and red sockets in your tv. I know I don;t know all the technical terms but thats all I know. If you need more help I could look it up when I get home so PM me.
Forgot to mention your tv must have a dvi (VGA) slot. And just remembered the sound thing is called a phone jack cable. You must then go into the laptop and set up a second screen under control panel and screen appearances. Can't remember how I did it but it wasn't that difficult.
If you don't have a dvi (monitor cable) slot in your tv you can use the following hdmi to dvi adapter.

Only £3.98…id=
If the laptop has an HDMI port and the TV has one, then just use an HDMI cable....
Yep, hdmi cable is the simplest and easiest - unlike DVI/VGA cables, an HDMI cable can carry audio as well as video. The only slight quirk I've found is that on my machines at least you need to change the sound output to go through the hdmi in your audio control panel, otherwise it will continue to come out the laptop. Once you are disconnected from the TV, you need to switch it back manually - the Sony may have a better process for this.

As HDMI is a digital connection, quality of the cable isn't an issue so cheap cables are fine. You may need to change the P-Size setting on your TV, with the hdmi connection selection you should be able to cycle through 4:3, 16:9...Just Scan. I need this setting on some of my digitally connected devices otherwise it crops the picture.

Yup. Exactly what John has said! ;-)

You will probably need to change the settings within your laptop - but not necessarily. (I certainly had to by my desktop HTPC) - but it works very well. Much better solution than VGA or DVI (which both wont carry digital audio.)
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