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Connecting N64 to LCD tv using RF ?

Posted 15th Jun 2009
Just received a nintendo 64 i bought off ebay, it comes with a lead that connects it to the TV via the ariel socket i cannot work out how to get the picture up on it, i put LCD in the title incase that made a difference to what i am supposed to do,

Thanks in advance for any help
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Have you tried tuning it in?

Have you tried tuning it in?

I've done auto tune on the menu, it's not worked though maybe i did the wrong type of tuning
You need to have a analog tuner on you LCD TV if you have go into your settings and put it on scan channels.
hope it helps
just tune it in but to be honest its not worth it, the picture you'll get is terrible. the n64 won't really work on an lcd without a whole heap of faffing about and even then the results won't be great.

Stick it in an old crt tv for the easiest and best solution.
Any Luck
connect it to your aerial socket, put a game in and switch it on so you have a picture to see when you find it. Now use manual scan to locate it.
Thanks to all that helped i have it working, i scanned manually as recomended

: D
I found that bizarrely RF N64 looks the best on an LCD tv.
The colours are all wrong with composite.

I looked and did all the advice but i still can't seem to get it to work. Any more advice or tips you could give?
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