Connecting PS2 to LCD TV

Found 28th Feb 2010
I want to play some of my old favourite PS2 games but I've done away with the CRT TV which I used to play them on. I now have 2 LCD TVs and when connecting up a PS2 via SCART, the picture isn't all that good.

I've been reading that it's possible to connect a PS2 to an LCD tv via a Component cable so I'm going to try that. Anyone tried this and had good results? I also don't really want to fork out for the official Sony component cable, has anyone used a third party one that's decent? I've read poor reviews for GAME's own cheapo one and a few others such as "Venom"..
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I have used cheaper versions before the picture is OK not fantastic.

The ps3 needs the Blurring given by a CRT to enhance the murky GFX and from memory I think there was only 1 game on ps2 that supported 480p and sure that was god of war 1 or 2 there may have been a few more and may have been 720p can't remember but they were not the norm at the time

ED* I was sure it did 720p as well might be getting confused with my normal XBOX as I had the American only cable to allow 720p on a few xbox games I had at the time like mx vs atv or some similar game.

Anyways the ps2 will look better on say a max of 19"" LCD above that on say a 42"" it will look pretty horrid unless you sit at least 30 feet away…ort

It's never going to look good no matter what you do. The PS2 was a … It's never going to look good no matter what you do. The PS2 was a horrible console graphics wise even on a CRT.

Are you serious? Did you happen to play a certain game called Gran Turismo on the PS2?
The graphics for the PS2 at it's time was very good.
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