connecting tv and monitor to same pc base

Found 3rd Feb 2011
quick computing query

have a pc base connected to my 40" LED tv so when im not watching telly, i use my pc to look at photos online, browing, watch youtube i player etc

now on the other side of the room i want to put a touchscreen monitor, but want to use the SAME pc base, so when someone is watching telly i can still use monitor on other side of room for web browsing etc

the last thin i want to do is swap about leads.

so was thinking is it possible to leave the pc base connected to telly with the standard 15 pin connection lead, and at the same time have the monitor on the other side of the room connected to the same pc base with a hdmi connection?

if possible please let me know!

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If you have a hdmi on your computer and on your monitor and tele, just buy one of these and stick it into your computer and then feed it into your monitor and tele, you get a good picture on both then .…8-2
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You should be able to do this as there is an option called display cloning in the display properties. Depending on what hardware you have depends on how you would set it up.

For example: Intel - ATI - Nvidia
thanks for the replies

i dont actually have the equipment as yet

my house is being painted etc next week and want to get it as future proof as possible
my lounge will be quite long and so was thinking tv on one side and a touchscreen monitor on the other.

then the thought occured why the hell have two pc bases?!!?!?!??!

when purchased the touchscreen monitor will be of a decent spec
the pc base will be just what i have at mo - dell inspiron core2duo, 3gb ram
If you have a video card with two dvi outputs just buy a dvi to HDMI lead for the telly and a dvi to dvi (or vga) lead for the PC.
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