Connecting TV to PC as Extended Monitor


    I want to hook my PC up with my TV, but use it as an extended desktop, or basically Dual screen, but stuck about what i need.

    My PC has got DVI and VGA output on it. Could i connect to my monitor using VGA, then as ive got a DVI to HDMI cable use that to connect to the TV?

    Could this work, Thanks!!!


    i use vga-vga and another lead for sound. Does your tv have a vga on the back?

    sound one goes from sound socket on comp to audio in on the tv

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    My TV has VGA input and HDMI. Thats why i was thinking of using my DVI to HDMI to connect to the TV.
    Then use a VGA-VGA cable to connect to my monitor.!

    oh sorry i misunderstood...we use it to connect the laptop so we can use it for programmes i have downloaded. We have HDMI but i was advised to use the VGA-works anyway!!
    I hope someone can help you-do you have a comp shop you can ask?

    Assuming they're both side by side and you won't be using any ten metre cables then it's probably best to use DVI for the monitor and VGA for the TV. Although if you've already got the DVI to HDMI cable for the TV and a VGA>VGA for the monitor then that'd work fine and I'd use that.

    I can see you have the option of using both!!! I would go for the DVI/HDMI connection to whichever screen you will be using the most, and go for the VGA on the other screen!!
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