Connecting up a Wii console

    Please not sure whether this is the right page for this, so sorry if not. Trying to find a way to connect a Wii to a computer which runs a projector. This is for a primary school summer fete coming up in my son's school. Any ideas anyone????
    Thanks in advance


    I work in a school and have taken my Wii in in the summer
    Most schools have a connection panel on the wall so you don't need to go through the computer, you just unplug the computer and plug in the Wii!

    You have 3 options if you have a UK Wii, Composite, Scart or Component. None of these will go in to a computer without a video capture card of some sort. might be worth checking the projector (or a connection panel on the wall as giles said)

    Most capture cards do have a composite input, as do projectors. Component tends to go through a VGA and there's no chance you'll find a SCART input!

    I was amazed to see the post last night from someone asking about a barebones PC which had SCART input and output so I can't rule anything out these days!
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