Connecting work laptop to home broadband?

    Can anyone tell me how I can do this before tomorrow morning? Work won't load tiscali onto my work laptop and I don't have a wireless router. I've tried an internet cable but my modem only seems to have USB capability (unless I need to buy a dongle or something?).

    Please can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? I can ring the work helpdesk tomorrow at 9am but really wanted to get on with some stuff tonight!


    if you aren't admin, and you only have a usb modem, only way i can see is making a proxy on your home computer and connecting via that (most work computers inactivate the possibility to change proxy settings: so that woun't work either if its the case)

    so first thing to check is: do you have admin rights on the work computer

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    I don't have admin rights on the laptop. Would it be easier and possible for me just to buy a wireless router instead?

    that would depend on your network settings:
    IF your laptop is set to automatically receive the IP when connected (most work computers are), then you can indeed,
    however, if IP is hard coded, unless you use same subnetwork as the one in your work laptop, it will be no good

    After that, i would install firefox or opera (copy over, you don't need to be admin: you can copy to a sub directory on desktop and you are good to go) so that you can surf bypassing the internet explorer proxy settings (which you most likely have on a work laptop)

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    Okay, I've since spoken to Tiscali who tell me I need an ethernet adaptor but can't work out how this works exactly - or do I need the ethernet adaptor in order to connect a wireless router?
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