Connecting Xbox 360 to LIVE


    I want to connect my Xbox 360 up to the internet, but currently dont have a modem to do it with.

    My PC uses a USB model SAGEM modem, and it doesnt have the necessary Ethernet connection to use with my 360.

    The PC lives upstairs and the Xbox 360 in the lounge downstairs.

    Should I buy a router to live downstairs with the 360? Or can I get away with a simple modem that has a RJ45 Ethernet connection on it?

    I've had a look round the net and cant seem to find any great answers, wondered if anybody else here has encountered the same problem!?


    [SIZE=2]you could get a wireless router and a wireless adaptor for the 360 or wireless bridge for your modem.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]or get a really long ethernet cable and connect it to the router.[/SIZE]

    i had the same problem, i bought an ethernet card on ebay for 99p works a treat. Oh, and not sure this has been posted but - if you want to play games online with the 360 without subscribing to xbox live check this out :…php

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    I was hoping to do this as low cost as possible, so a wireless router & adapter is not really an option.

    So how does your ethernet card work?
    Do you attach that to your PC and then the ethernet cable from your PC to your 360? you have thrown me!

    well, if you were to put an ethernet card in you need to know what kind of slots you have on your motherboard. Most modern pc's now are pci but if you have an older pc you may have agp.

    If you have a pci this would do the job…969

    (when i bought this i only realised it came from hong kong after buying, but it did turn up)

    But if you want to avoid opening up your pc these should work via usb…584

    or just search for usb ethernet / lan adapter

    but i got the card so it was clutter free and theres been no problems, oh and there are plenty that arent in hong kong............

    once either are installed its pretty much plug it in to your xbox and play as windows should find and sort it all out for you, then just go to setup on 360 and select the pc.

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    thanks mate, finally some good advice!! rep added to you sir!
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