Connecting Xbox 360 to monitor

    Is it possibly to connect a 360 using a vga cable to a normal monitor, which has a vga socket but not a DVI one

    Might seem like a stupid question but im just trying to make sure


    Indeed it is.

    You'll need one of these. There's probably cheaper about, in fact I think I saw one for sale in the relevant forum the other day.

    yea its real simple mine is set up through one, the only problem is being a monotor it only has on port so you need to change it all the time you can get a device to manage them which i will be getting soon.

    If you need any help feel free to pm me

    or you can use one of the fan/av combo units that hmv sell. they were on a deal here a couple of months ago.
    i bought one for £3.99 works a treat
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