Connecting Xbox 360 to PC monitor

    I have a Dell 21" LCD monitor which supports up to 1680 x 1050 and has VGA and DVI inputs on the back (blue and white, think thats what they are called) - whats the best cable to get for HD gaming? A 360 VGA HD AV cable? will this give full HD? as I thought the DVI gave a better picture (please excuse complete ignorance)

    Currently my PC uses the DVI connection, what would happen if I just plugged the 360 in via VGA as it would have 2 inputs, bad idea? if so I will just swap the VGA over or get some sort of VGA switcher, assume you can buy something like that.

    Then what do you do with regards to audio? I have 5.1 which currently has a free aux input, or can you get some sort of splitter so the inputs on the back of the sub box can take signals from both the PC and 360?

    If VGA HD thingy the way to go, official (expensive) Vs non-official on ebay (cheap)?

    Thanks for any help, all assumptions based on techie opinions which google pointed me to, so I could possible be talking a load of rubbish.


    Hi dude,

    Yes the VGA HD cable supports upto the maximum (full1080p)

    Though i would advise on a 21" with a native resolution of 1680 x 1050 you will have to use a slightly lower mode as this mode isnt directly supported by the xbox.. Xbox owners have been begging microsoft for some time now to add support for this mode but nothing is in the pipeline as yet.
    The only problem about running at a resolution other than the native resolution supported by your monitor is that you may see fuzz around the writing and the picture may not be as clear as you would like, this is a monitor issue and nothing to do with the quality of the cable.

    Get the genuine Microsoft version that usually goes for £19.99 not a cheap alternative.

    If you have any other questions about this, please feel free to PM me..



    Edit ADD:

    The VGA cable comes with the stereo sound outputs, (Red and White the same as any other device) but also comes with a adapter that will allow you to plug these into your monitor, if it has speakers, otherwise you will need a separate speaker system for them to plug into. Your AUX port on yours should accommodate this via the supplied adaptor.

    As for the cable being plugged into your monitor with your DVI, this isn't a problem as your monitor should have a button in its menu which allows you to switch between the two. Most is 2 button presses, mine is on the front and is only one press to switch between the two.

    The VGA signal is as good as a HDMI one, its only the vga interface on your monitor that will cause fuzz, you can get a VGA HD 15 to DVI-D adaptor to plug it into your DVI on your monitor for a little more crispness but as you cant run at your native resolution, even the DVI will show some fuzz, again this is not the cable, just the monitor.

    When Microsoft adds the non standard 16:10 support to the Xbox you will be rocking! Though an insider from Microsoft has stated this may not happen anytime soon, Microsoft want their 360 to be on mind blowing BIG HD TV's in the front room for anyone to see, not on a PC monitor in a bedroom as this would cause less exposure when people come round and your playing..

    Original Poster

    Thanks a lot for the reply Jamie, I had a feeling that may be the case with the resolution as I couldn't find any mention of 1680 x 1050 anywhere which provided info on connecting to a monitor. It's not a huge must do, I have an HD TV and an HDMI cable but wanted a way of setting it up upstairs too.

    Rep added and welcome to the forum

    Thanks, I've been around for sometime, just thought it best to share my wisdom as you needed it.

    You wont be disappointed with the VGA cable, it will do what you want it too. I used one on a 4:3 monitor @ 1280*1024, this was the native resolution for my lcd at the time so it was super crisp, but games just played with boarders top and bottom till i got my wide screen.

    Thanks again for the rep.. lol this is all a new experience to me..

    Hey I've been looking for something to post as my first deal, I've found a FULL 1080p 37" LCD for less than £500 delivered. looking around this is a good price.. What do you think? I just don't want to get slammed for posting it if its not so good..


    Noticed someone had posted my find a few days ago.. always the same.. hehe

    Original Poster

    haha yeah I know the feeling, thought I found something good earlier but when I went to post it saw it was in the "don't repost this again you numpty" section

    Will give it a try thanks as my TV upstairs isn't HD and it's a real pain moving it around all the time.
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