*Conned* Edworthys / 247PPD

    Firstly, I am not after sympathy, I am after advice.

    If anyone has any experience of Edworthys / 247 Peformance Parts Direct please let me know. They are the same company and they apparently order DIRECTLY from the manufacturer. I found them through Quidco.

    On 15th March I placed two orders with 247PPD (a subsiduary of Edworthys) as they appeared to be the cheapest supplier (more fool me). I have since had confirmation from them of the order and that the goods were in stock. The money was taken at the time of order and a delivery date set.

    I have since found out from the ACTUAL MANUFACTURER that they have never recieved an order from either of these companies and they hadn't even heard of 247PPD. I have twice spoken to the same person (Tim Loveday.. he is the only person who picks up the phone despite calling on two different numbers) from Edworthys / 247PPD who has twice barefaced lied to me about the order. Firstly he told me that he had placed it. I checked with the manufacturer and they had no such order. Then he told me he had spoken to the manufacturer and that it had been shipped! :x

    I have spoken to him (twice today) again, he said the order definatley went through and that the manufacturer confirmed this and the second time that he had called the manufacturer and they have the order and it will be with me later next week. I checked with the manufactuter and although they did have a call from 'Tim' about the parts I ordered, it was to check their stock.. NOT to place / check any order. :x

    I truely believe that this company is a con and that my money has been taken fraudulently. Having since checked the net, I have found various other people warning against this company. The one common factor is 'Tim', lies and eventually NO REEFUND! :x

    As I authorised the payments from my credit card and no other money has been taken, the bank, at this stage is not interested.

    Should I give them the benefit of the doubt and hope the order is fullfiled?

    If anyone has any advice / legalities on the matter I would greatfully recieve it.


    As you paid by credit card, if each of the orders was for more than £100 then speak to your credit card company about a refund. Note, though, that it's each transaction that must be £100 or more, not the 2 orders together.

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    As you paid by credit card, if each of the orders was for more than £100 … As you paid by credit card, if each of the orders was for more than £100 then speak to your credit card company about a refund. Note, though, that it's each transaction that must be £100 or more, not the 2 orders together.

    The two orders combined to over £500 but at this point the bank has told me to give them more time to honour the sale. The more I check the net, the more I read about people in the same situation with the companies mentioned.

    Keep a history of what you've done/what they've said & when etc, so that when you do go back to the credit card company you can show them (or at least tell them) the story so far....

    SO much better than saying "I tried 3 times to get them to deliver" - the credit card company will be more willing to give you the refund if you can prove that you've done all you can.

    As you've said, there are a few horror stories floating around the various forums re. Edworthy's / 247PPD. I've also spoken to a number of their competitors and whilst they're going to be biased, there does seem to be a lot of questions being raised about how reputable they (Edworthys) are.

    Contact your card issuers, explain you've attempted to cancel your order with Edworthy's in accordance to distance selling rules and regs and have had no result. See if they've got a consumer advice department for mail order issues like this as they might be more aware of these practices.

    Tell your card issuer you are going to refuse to pay any interest on the payment and any subsequent charges incurred for late payments (you won't have any problems claiming these back anyway should you get charged) and hopefully they will start to appreciate how disgruntled you are.

    Ordering direct from parts manufacturers is common practice by all aftermarket retailers (including Demon Tweeks and Halfords) so don't be put off by it.

    Retailers delaying refunds is normally a sign of cashflow problems however and past experience has shown that such retailers will just close their doors leaving many customers out of pocket (not so bad for you as you've paid on CC but still hassle you could do without).

    Edworthys is a complete CON of a company.
    I ordered over £100 worth of stuff, got debited straight away and received nothing. After 3 weeks I contacted them to be told the goods were not available and they would refund my cash. LIES !
    :x Not a penny, and emailing them and threatening to take them to trading standards is a waste of time. Despite what their customer feedback page says, there are A LOT of unhappy people out there who have been conned by this company.
    Unfortunately many poor souls will suffer in the future as they do have a flashy website, but check out their name on google and you will see just how many people have lost money.
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