Conquest Knight XV , World's most luxurious armoured limousine , Starts at £325,000

Found 18th May 2010
Thought i would Trade in my Nissan Micra 1.0 for this !
Also Be Kind , This is my first post , i know what you Hot Uk Dealers are like…tml

If you're worried about getting to work safe and sound, the Knight XV is the luxury car for you.

This £325,000 armoured SUV dwarfs a Range Rover and comes with bullet-proof bodywork.

It's based on a massive Ford F550 pick-up truck, uses a whopping 6.8-litre V10 engine with 400bhp that can be started remotely before reaching the car, and it weighs in at 5.5-tonnes.

The company that builds the Knight XV, Conquest, says it will tailor the armour plating to each customers requirements, but every version comes with bodywork and glass that can withstand gunshots for 24 hours.

All of the door hinges are reinforced to cope with the added weight of the armoured protection and the panel between the engine and passenger compartment is also strengthened to guard against bomb blasts.

The floor of the Knight XV is also bombproof, while fire extinguisher and oxygen breathing systems mean the four-wheel drive SUV limo can keep going even if it's set alight.

Any buyer still worried about security can order night vision camera, keyless entry, dark-tinted armoured glass, run-flat tyres that keep going even when punctured by bullets and, naturally, an anti-theft alarm.

However, the Knight XV isn't just about security as it offers six leather-upholstered seats and plush Wilton carpets.

All four rear seats also come with laptop computers and there are twin rear screens to watch DVDs on, or see how the riot is going outside via roof-mounted cameras.

It takes 1,500 hours for Conquest's craftsmen to build each Knight XV at the company's Toronto, Canada headquarters and they'll happily make the armoured limo with right-hand drive for UK customers.

Conquest will also upgrade the engine for buyers if 400bhp isn't enough and they offer a turbocharger kit that boosts power to 550bhp.

Other options include a flat-screen television, cigar humidor, drinks bar, security safe and, just in case you don't think the Knight XV is private enough, electrically-operated curtains for the windows.

Tick all of the options boxes and the price of the Knight XV soars to an incredible £650,000
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Cold.... Doesn't say how many gallons it does to the mile.
cold coz u drive a nissan micra 1.0 !!
Hot getting one ordered tomorrow!
The old newbie/really expensive thing topic

Seen it a thousand times, COLD too normally, like this.
how much is delivery for this car to my house?
Moved to Misc.

The old newbie/really expensive thing topicSeen it a thousand times, COLD … The old newbie/really expensive thing topicSeen it a thousand times, COLD too normally, like this.

agreed, so tiresome...roll on the "I've ordered 3" and "If I buy one will I get one free" comments :roll:

Pointless post that should be in Misc...edit I see the deed is done
probably gets about .00001 miles per gallon

Looks good! Think I will buy one. It's only loose change............

On the other hand don't think I could afford the petrol!
Iv already got 1 i use it to take the kids to school, i wouldnt reccommend it tho its soooo hard to park.
Like i said , be nice , if this was 2 pence off Washing up liquid people would not be criticizing , This is a good deal if you happen to be a Premiership footballer and want the latest car with all the doo dahs on it !
1) Quidco?

2) Does it get Freeview HD?

3) If I order now will they debit my card when I order or when dispatched?

And no photos?
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