Conservatories, which is best...

Just pondering the idea for extra space, Glass (tinted?), poly (sounds carp), solid roof?

Want to avoid Extreme heat in the summer and freezing in the winter.

I think solid is the way forward but worried about the kitchen becoming too dark?

Also, How much did you pay?


I thought it was a DarkEnergy type thread about politic until I read the question properly.

why not extend instead to add value, conservatories are pretty outdated.

Best with a solid roof - something like Ultraframes UltraRoof 380 system...

You are cheapest to buy from a distributor like SIG Building Plastics and get a local joiner to fit..

I had one that was about 3.5x4m, (it was replacing an old one - with white windows & doors... It was just over £6000 Inc vat for the supply of it.. The only other thing I had to buy was the plasterboard. All finished & fitted for under 10k. Other companies were quoting 25k..

Solid roof incorporating velux Windows to allow ventilation and light

Solid roof without velux windows as they just add to the heat in the summer, just had my roof replaced to a solid one from polly carb and its still surprisingly light in the kitchen and dining room and alot warmer this time of year, i wouldnt go for polly carb but glass might be a compromise but deffo go for solid if you can, paid 10 grand for the solid roof conversion
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Poly is cheap, easy to clean, i love the sound in the rain. Glass - its double glazed and in time the seal will go so thats more money, and if you are overlooked, they can see what you are doing. glass needs a blind, so many disadvantages. Solid - then its not really a conservatory.

I have 2 conservatories, go for the one with a roof. Glass one's are cold in winter and too hot in summer.

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why not extend instead to add value, conservatories are pretty outdated.

That would be better, but no idea of the actual cost other than googling various forums, an extension appears to be at least double (cant afford that). Love to hear more prices to get a feel of things. (thanks for answers so far)
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