Conservatory roof insulation

Posted 29th May
Just wondering if anyone has had their conservatory roof insulated and what their experience was like in terms of the style, cost and result? Been thinking about doing it for years but there are so many types of installation, and mixed reviews after spending upwards of £7K, so want to make sure it's worth it.
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We had ours done a year ago. Bog standard lean to style conservatory roof was taken off and the guy built it up so we’d have a proper ceiling height. He insulated it and then put a flat roof back on with a fibreglass seal.

It has made an absolute world of difference. We can use the room all year round now, it’s still a bit chilly in the winter, but for example, today was 25 odd degrees and last year the conservatory would’ve been like an oven and it was still cool enough to sit in there and watch TV.

We paid just over £3k through a local guy, but we had some of the larger companies come out to look at putting a proper roof on it and they were all around £7k. Admittedly this doesn’t look quite as nice from the window upstairs as a roof would, but for £4K less I can live with it.

If you’re anywhere near Southampton I can recommend the guy to you, also happy to post a couple of photos if you want
Would love to see some pics if you have them but only if you have some handy. Don’t want you to go to any bother. Feel free to DM me and thanks for the advice!
Heard mixed reviews. 2 in my family had it done, 1 made the world of difference, other one not so much. Paid roughly the same, similar sized conservatories so the only difference I can think of is which direction it faces. :/
First one is before, then during and one after. All taken from a pretty similar position.
The pics look fab. I'm in two minds whether to get the roof totally replaced or just insulated and plastered underneath. Mine is a p shaped with a common poly roof. It's also south facing. Thanks for the responses so far.
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