Considering buying Whirlpool washing machine.

Found 4th Jun
I am considering buying a whirlpool AWOC 0714. how are the whirlpool machines in a long term and how is the support from whirlpool?

any one have this machine or a different one from whirlpool, please share your mileage?


Same company as hotpoint indiset so unless great value in my experience stay clear look at Bosch etc for long term

We've had many different washing machines...our latest is a Bosch that we've had for 10 years. It gets used a lot, at least five times a week, and all I've had to do is change the brushes once. Never let us down.
I know it doesn't help with your question, sorry, it's just that for my money I'd put a few quid extra and go for a Bosch.

I've got a whirlpool never had any problems it's 11 years old only had to replace the paddles once . great machine

I think you can buy any mass produced machine these days and expect good use out of it. Just unlucky if you get trouble but the one off repair cost is always an option if it's a few years old and breaks down. Our old cheap Indesit lasted 12 years

Pretty sure it depends on the price of the machine my hotpoint washer dryer is 11 years old and has had 2 dryer elements replaced, exit impeller and drum shaft/bearings. It's brushless so that never needs to be replaced. Cheaper machines are now fitted with a combined drum and shaft so once it's worn then it's not cost effective to repair.

Cheaper machines are built to a budget so don't expect them to be as easily to repair or have as long a life but there are always the odd machine to buck the trend. I think it also depends on the hardness of the water in your area.

Hotpoint Clearance have Whirlpool AWOC 0714 for £199 & two Hotpoints from £220. 2% Quidco.…nes
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Heard Whirlpool are rubbish now. Not like the old models which were really good. (Advice from Mother In Law)
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Washing machines are so cheap now, If they break its easy to just get another one

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Thanks for your inputs guys. I was considering this because of the price. It is £199 compared to a similar spec bosch or any other make which is easily more than double the price.

I currently have a 6 year old hotpoint which is still going strong. Only changing because I am redoing my kitchen now.
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